How to Help Parents With Troubled Teens

We read and hear so much about troubled teens but for everythere is almost always a parent or parents struggling too. In fact if we spent more time helping the parents of teens in trouble there may not be nearly as many teens in trouble.

So this article is aimed at parents. It shows how they can be helped when dealing with a troublesome son or daughter.

The first thing is to empower parents. Sure there are plenty of resources we can call on such as seminars, DVDs, books and web sites. But if parents seek out an expert every time their child seems to go off the rails, an immediate opportunity is lost. Give parents the skills to handle tricky situations. Help them build confidence to handle their son or daughter and hopefully resolve whatever problem crops.

Now this can’t happen in every situation but there is a lot to be said for parents who have the skills to bring up their own child.

Provide for all parents. Most societies today consist of people with different religious, cultural and political points of view. Any support group which exists to help families should be aware of the many differences within our society. A one cure fits all approach won’t work well or at all with some cultures and religions.

Build strong community support groups. Professional help is always available but sometimes cost or distance can make visits difficult. If a church or council establishes a family support center, any parent can have immediate access to such a group. With a web site the parent can make contact from near or far. With a public meeting, a stressed parent can go along, hear from experienced workers and mix with other parents who may well be going through the same experience.

DIY Support Group. Assuming there is no such group in your area, it’s difficult but possible for you to start a family support group in your area. You could try for something quite simple like meeting in your own home inviting parents who want to share ideas about raising kids today. One of our greatest resources are parents who want to be involved.

We are all different. It is good for a parent to know and understand that we are all different. That a particular problem with one teenager was fixed by using program A but that only program B worked on another teen. Just because another parent reckons a certain course of action was the best thing for their child, that program may not work or work as well with your child. Every situation is unique.

Many troubled teens deny there is a problem. As a parent you need to understand that many teens in trouble will argue that there is no problem. If you are aware of this you can better plan a program designed to help your teen.

A troubled teen is often part of a family. Everyone needs to come through these troubles a better and stronger person. And that definitely includes the parents.

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