Who We Are

We are an online educational hub for parents of youth aged between 12-17 who are troubled and currently facing difficulties in making the right decisions. Our goal is to spread greater awareness among parents and society at large on the availability of therapeutic placements that are catered to the unique needs of each child. We understand that every child is born with specific strengths and weaknesses.

The resources on our site are dedicated toward seeking placement for at-risk children based on their immediate background, personalities, psychological history and challenges. Also, the treatments recommended by the site are curated from schools that meet the highest standards. As such, these options aren't free-of-charge as we firmly believe in providing the best solutions for the youth and their families.

What We Do

We're here to guide parents in selecting the right therapeutic programs for children at risks. We will assess the exact challenges that you're facing and iron out the details to ensure that you're comfortable before committing to a decision. We have experience in dealing with all cases of disruptive behavior, which may range from PTSD, to substance abuse, violent behavior, anti-social attributes and more. There are many parents who have seemingly run out of options due to the persistence of disruptive behavior displayed by their child. We are here to prove that no child is beyond redemption, that with the right assessment, care and concern, they can receive the ideal education that will rectify faulty behavior. Our qualified education experts look forward to speaking with you and your child to better understand the challenges that you're facing. We believe in outlining the entire process, from pre-enrollment right up to starting a program and beyond. Through careful planning, we can ensure that your child is provided with the right solution offered by the right establishment.

A timely intervention is what an at-risk youth need. If you don’t act now, the problems your teenager is having could get worse, and it will have a profound effect on his or her future life.

Please fill out our online form and one of our counselors will contact you and decide the best intervention for your child.

Research Phase

Therapists might offer a selection of the best reformative programs available in the market. Parents will then proceed to conduct individual research but realize that they're met with an avalanche of possibilities that can cause great confusion and hopelessness.

We'll offer digestible resources to steer you in the right direction. The priorities will be focused on - such as course specializations and offers, fees, ratings, validations and feedback. We'll help you perform an information-driven comparison to select or narrow down to the best programs for your child. This will help reduce guesswork and increase the likelihood of selecting the most suitable arrangement.

It is also important to analyze what other parents have done under similar circumstances. Do these schools/institutions provide strong support for parents who are facing similar issues and have they brought great positive change to their lives? And lastly, the numbers do not lie, we'll examine how many families have benefited from the programs. Hopefully, this will provide parents with a sense of assurance. These numbers will be backed up by measurable data through feedback and ratings from former students and their parents.

Making a Decision

The decision-making process involves a number of important considerations. We'll guide parents through the process to ensure that they decide upon a program that they're able to afford along with other factors.Other considerations include insurance coverage, will fees eat into college funds and 401K plans? Are loans required, are there installment plans that are easier on the finances?

Ed Consultants

If parents are still overwhelmed by the information, we offer the opportunity to hire ed consultants. These professionals are intimately acquainted with the educational institutes and reformative programs, and can better assess the best solutions for your child. Ed consultants provide coaching and support to narrow down on options to help parents simplify the selection process.

Raising Awareness on Ed Consultants

Familiarizing with a program is a challenge on its own and your child might be resistant toward the intervention of an Ed consultant. We provide highly informative brochures, guides and emails that describe the mission and vision of ed consultants. Through raising awareness on ed consultants, we hope families are more confident in collaborating with their designated experts for effective placement results.

Easing into a Decision

We provide useful information that will help parents narrow down on a preferred choice. We'll offer resources that give parents a peace of mind, through brochures, emails and informative articles, which will help them gain a better understanding of the chosen school/therapeutic institution.


We'll assist parents with finalizing upon a decision. We understand there will be a great deal of deliberation and anxiety during this stage. Here, we'll provide strong support and affirmation on the chosen decision as the application is completed.


We understand that parents will be worried about their youth in the initial stages of the enrollment. Many questions will be lurking in their minds: Is it worth the money, are the professionals really making a difference, how is my youth coping? Potential deal cancellation is a common problem at this stage, with parents opting to delay start dates or withdraw their applications.

Here, we will offer guides, inspirational emails and other resources that will help prepare parents for the first few days, weeks and month of enrollment.

With our comprehensive resources and dedicated consultation services, parents and guardians will never again worry about seeking the best solutions for troubled youth.
We Are Here For You

We understand this is a difficult time for you. Sadly we do not know of any free programs.

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