Help for Parents with Troubled, Struggling and Defiant Teens

A parent with a troubled teen knows how difficult life can be. You’re caught between a rock and a hard place. You love your son or daughter. You despair at the crazy and sometimes dangerous lifestyle they’ve adopted. You want desperately to help but how? And another thing, who is looking out for the parent?

This article explains the type of actions you as a parent can take to help your troubled teen.

The first thing you must do is don’t panic. Of course you worry about the behavior of your child but you need a calm demeanor to make the right decisions. Are you the only parent with a troubled teen? Sadly, no. Millions of parents have a teenager who has gone off the rails or is mixing with the wrong crowd and seems in peril. You are not on your own.

You have nothing to be ashamed about. The important step is not to find someone to blame but to find a program which will help your child. Do not be embarrassed about the matter, face up to it with a determination to help and seek as many answers as you can.

Perhaps your first port of call is your local doctor. He or she will be able to advise you on a number of matters concerning alcohol and drugs and if mental illness is a possible factor. A visit to a specialist may be helpful.

But alas there are some things you must do yourself. You need to discover the problem or problems confronting your teen – do they clash with their teachers, are they drinking, being promiscuous, taking drugs, etc?

Next you need to discover what types of treatments are available and which specific type of treatment would best suit your son or daughter.

There is a wide range of living-away-from home facilities such as boot camps, military camps, boarding schools and group homes. All are worth considering. Another alternative is your teen could remain at home but attend out-patient therapy sessions on a regular basis.

So now you must find out what each facility offers, how they operate, for how long and at what cost. All such facilities may be contacted by phone or email and you should write a list of questions before you make any phone call.

If your child is doing poorly at school there might be a particular cause. If your child has begun to take drugs or has tried self-harm, your immediate and appropriate response is required.

So locate the problem or cause of their behavior, consult with a professional such as your child’s teachers and doctor and then use the internet and telephone to find out what the various institutions offer. You need to match your teen’s problem with the best type of program.

You do not have to cop abuse from your defiant son or daughter and you surely don’t want to see them throw away their life on drugs, alcohol or some other destructive behavior. There is help available and once you find it, your teen has taken the first step on their road to recovery.

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