Updated on August 4, 2020

Residential Drug Treatment Programs

Residential drug treatment programs can help someone that has a drug problem to make positive changes to their life. No one decides that they will experience a problem with drugs but it can manifest anyway. It will change a person’s behavior as well as lifestyle.

New Mindset

Drug problems can affect people of any age and of either sex. It can affect those that are rich as well as those that are poor. Residential drug treatment programs are designed to help everyone. They work by allowing the individual to have their mindset altered. They find other things to do in order to create the good feelings they once experienced from the drugs.

Change Takes Time

Changes don’t occur overnight which is why the on site part of the program is so important. Statistics shows that residential drug treatment programs are more effective than those that operate on an outpatient basis. They allow a person to get the exposure to the right information mentally that they need for changes to occur. They can also get assistance with their physical craving for the drugs.

Remove the Temptations in Society

There are many temptations in society that can lead a person right back into their old habits with drug use. There may be other drug users in their home or that they hang out with. One of the main benefits from a residential drug treatment program is that it eliminates access to those surroundings and people. It offers a structured environment where drugs aren’t available.

Program for the Mind and Body

It does take time for both the body and the mind to heal from the use of drugs. You can’t do that when you are continually exposed to them. A residential drug treatment program offers help on many levels. It offers individualized attention to help someone get to the core of their addiction problem – then work on it from the inside out. Such programs are designed to meet the needs of an individual around the clock.

Research shows that common stressors in life can cause a person to regress into old habits when it comes to drug use. They may have every intention of stopping but then they hit a trigger point. Through a residential drug treatment program those triggers are identified. Then the behaviour of using drugs is replaced with another response that is positive in nature.

A holistic approach is taken in such facilities so that the mind, body, and spirit are all transformed. Changes on all levels have to take place in order for the treatment to be a success. The rate of recidivism is high if a person isn’t committed to the program. The initial stages including detoxification and adjusting to the new environment can be stressful. However, once a person is willing to participate in the program they can focus all of their energy and attention on making it work for them.

Self Discovery

Self discovery is a huge part of such a drug treatment program. Exploring feelings, decisions, and even forgiving yourself for taking part in such actions is all part of making progress. A complete transformation can occur by the time a person is ready to leave a residential drug treatment program. In order for this to occur though the program has to be well structured with plenty of learning.

What a Quality Residential Drug Treatment Program Offers

You will find that not all residential drug treatment programs out there operate the same way. You should find one that offers detoxification, individual and group counseling, behavior modification, exercise which increases serotonin in the brain, and self exploration activities. The use of 12 step programs is highly effective with this type of treatment program.

Support is Important for Success

With the help of a residential drug treatment program, the grip that drugs have over a person’s life can be eliminated. They can start to move in the right direction for a life that is happy, fulfilling, and drug free. Taking it one step at a time and having the right information makes that possible.

The support during the various stages of the treatment gives a person a new lease on life. This support needs to continue after leaving the facility as well. Part of the program involves learning how to find that support, finding a sponsor, and making better choices for the future.

Overcome Barriers

Some people experience anxiety over staying in a residential drug treatment program. They worry about their finances, personal relationships, work, and even who will care for their children. There are programs that can assist with the cost of attending such a program. Many employers are willing to hold a job for a good employee that needs such help.

Turn to friends and family members to help care for children or pets. Remove all barriers standing in your way so that you can get the help you need. Chances are they will be more than willing to help you take better care of your own life. Drugs can take complete control over a life. Making the decision to make changes and to break that bond is a huge step in the right direction.

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