How to Choose a Counseling Therapist

How to Choose a Counseling Therapist

Let’s approach this slowly. You need a therapist and have no idea what to do. You could check out the phone book or use an online search under therapists. You might find someone local, make an appointment and that’s all there is to it. How simple was that?

The problem is that therapy is a vital aspect of your health and well-being. If your marriage is shaky or your child is behaving badly, you want a therapist who deals specifically with that situation and you want the best in that field.

So here are some tips for finding the ideal therapist.

  • Check out their qualifications. What is their area of expertise? It’s silly using a therapist who works mainly with individual children if you and your partner have marriage problems and you want therapy as a couple to keep your marriage alive. Is the therapist trained in the area in which you want therapy?
  • Experience. It might be tough on newcomers but a good guide is to find a therapist who has been in practice for ten years or more. And again, in what field or fields has the therapist obtained their experience? An experienced marriage therapist may have limited experience working with troubled teens.
  • Who is promoting them? It’s possible to come across an article in which the benefits of a type of therapy are lauded. You need to discover if the author is simply promoting their own association or their own practice. An independent recommendation is always better.
  • And speaking of recommendations, seek referrals. If you are able to speak with people or at least read their comments as to how they have benefited from a certain therapist that may be an excellent guide when choosing a counseling therapist.
  • Then there is the personal approach. Remember you could be in therapy for some time and so all the more reason why finding someone with whom you are comfortable is important. What can you do? Well telephoning the therapist is a good way to start. Now note the response.

Did you get a machine? Was the therapist friendly and helpful? Did the therapist answer your questions about experience, qualifications and client referrals with a polite and interested manner? Even a simple phone call can help you decide on your choice of therapist for counseling.

We are talking about instincts here. We all pick up signals and feelings when we meet people or engage with them on the telephone. What are your instincts telling you about this therapist? You’ve checked their qualifications and experience and now you have your instincts to add to the mix.

If you are able to communicate with a patient treated by this therapist that can be invaluable. Professional recommendations speak highly of a practitioner but an unbiased report is what will help you in your search.

A counseling therapist can literally become a lifesaver for you, your marriage or your child. Finding the therapist who will bring about change and lasting change at that is your primary goal. Achieve that and your prospects improve by the hour.

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