Updated on October 28, 2020

Effective ADHD Treatment and Help for Teenagers with ADHD

When you say treatment for teenagers with ADHD, it does not just involve taking medication or seeing a physician for your teen. This actually refers to the action that you undertake in managing the symptoms that they have displayed. As parents, you are absolutely in charge of treating your teen’s ADHD along with any professional help. Treating ADHD may also consist of altering the usual unhealthy habits, changing the learning strategies as well as your teen’s mindset to help them cope with the challenges that they are facing.

Finding the best relief for ADHD symptoms might be possible through a combination of various approaches that you can try and implement for your teens. The kind of lifestyle that you choose plays a large role in helping your teens manage the symptoms of ADHD. It is important that your teens have adequate sleep, follow a healthy diet and do some regular exercise to improve your their condition.

It is said that any physical activity enhances the norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine levels of your teen’s brain which usually improves their concentration, memory, motivation and decreases hyperactivity. Exercise can also limit the stress, anxiety and depression plus it heightens the mood for learning. Some ADHD medications also gives similar effects although compared to exercising, the latter is more free from side effects. A simple exercise regime like walking, dancing, swimming or any sport including outdoor activities regularly each week are just some ideas you can do with your teens.

Establishing a regular quality sleeping pattern is as beneficial as starting a useful habit of exercising. Teens who suffer from ADHD usually have difficulties in sleeping so it would be best to adjust their daytime activities to help them establish a well rested night. You should be able to stick to a specific bedtime for them, provide a quiet hour before sleeping and make sure they don’t do daytime naps. If you think the restlessness is caused by medication, consult your teen’s doctor and agree on adjusting the dosage. Avoiding caffeine intake later in the day may also be beneficial for a good night’s rest.

Similarly, eating the right kind of food on a regular basis also helps in regulating ADHD symptoms. The food your teens take in may affect the way they behave, the energy they put off and the moods that they show. A lot of those who suffer from ADHD eat carelessly, not minding if they had not eaten for hours and then suddenly devouring on any food they find. You should set a regular eating schedule for your teens not more than three hours in between. See to it that your teen gets enough intake of the following:

  • Iron, magnesium, and zinc.
  • A little protein and complex carbohydrates to give them a lasting energy throughout the day but at the same time decreasing their hyperactivity.
  • A substantial amount of omega-3 fatty acid intake aids in improving your teen’s mental focus. This can be found in sardines, tuna, salmon, fish oil supplements, fortified milk products and eggs.

Aside from providing your teens with a hands on approach to treating ADHD, seeking professional help can also be an option. These people who are specialized in this type of condition may suggest new skills for your teens to help cope with their ADHD symptoms. Other times, prescription drugs may be suggested for your teens with ADHD but always keep in mind these specific pointers:

  • Medication cannot cure ADHD, it is just a temporary relief.
  • Each person responds differently to medication.
  • Combining medications with other types of treatment may be effective.
  • Monitor side effects and adjust medication whenever needed.

Remember that even if you chose to consider putting your ADHD teens on medication, that doesn’t necessarily say that they have to be on it for life, especially if it doesn’t work well with your teens. Although it is important to let your doctors know about your plans so that they can guide you with how to slowly cut their medications.

An Effective ADHD Treatment Starts at Home

Set a predictable pattern of tasks for your teens to follow in order for them to know what they are supposed to do and what they should actually expect. While establishing a consistent routine and structure of activities at home, always be on guard for your teen’s good behavior. Praising our teens for any completed tasks and focusing more on their appropriate behavior will further help in improving the symptoms of ADHD in your teens.

Speak to an expert about Effective ADHD Treatment and Help for Teenagers with ADHD and how it may help your child.

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