Many times as parents, we wonder whether or not our teenager is in need of help. But many parents don't know how to recognize troubled teens. We have put together the following questionnaire in order to give you an idea of the seriousness of your teenager's at-risk behaviors as well as help you know how to identify a troubled or out-of-control teen. If you are parenting troubled or defiant teens, these questions will no doubt resonate with you. If you are concerned that your teen is depressed, this also works as a depressed teen questionnaire.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We help parents of at-risk youth find educational boarding schools and therapeutic programs. These therapeutic programs are often residential treatment centers or programs, therapeutic boarding schools, Christian based teen boarding schools, Wilderness Programs, and more.

Tweens and teens in middle and high school whose future is at risk. In most cases, where the likelihood of an adverse outcome is higher unless someone intercedes.

On our website, you can learn about treatment options, parenting advice, and assessments, as well as ADHD related articles.

There are many factors but symptoms of teens that are struggling usually manifest as anger issues, defiance issues, drug substance abuse, poor academic performance, poor sense of self,  commitment to responsibilities, and poor family relationships.  A teen with a conduct disorder or other mental health conditions is often at-risk. 

Teenagers who are “at-risk” struggle to cope with the stress of their lives often due to pressure or have a rooted emotional or mental issue that is preventing them from becoming healthy and successful adults.

Popular types of therapy include Musical Therapy, Wilderness Therapy, Adventure Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), and Youth in Iceland Model.

The cost of therapy may involve professional fees, facility charges, program materials, insurance deductibles and copays. Extra factors may include the location of the facility, travel cost, and the standard of amenities.   The average cost of a therapeutic program for at-risk youth ranges from $250 – 800 per day and lasts from 4 to 16 months.   Insurance and your local school district may cover some of the costs.