Types of Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

Teenage boy in a counseling session at one of many specialized boarding schools for troubled teens, engaging in a focused conversation.

Boarding School Options for Troubled Teens: A Parent’s Guide

A troubled teen is a big worry to their parents. One possible solution to the problem is a boarding school. The parent wants their child removed from the current troubled environment and placed somewhere safe. But once at this safe place, the parents want their teen to do well academically and shrug off their troubles. In short, they want a normal, healthy and happy youngster who can go to college and/or take on life with a positive attitude.

It may seem easier said than done. But the answer could well lie in your child’s education. There are boarding schools aplenty, and some which cater specifically to troubled teens.

Now, here we come to an important distinction. There are all sorts of reasons why a teen is in trouble and possibly in all sorts of trouble. You must know accurately and specifically why your teen is in trouble. For instance, there is a world of difference between a teen with ADHD and a teen who is healthy but into drugs. There is a huge chasm between a teen with depression and another who is promiscuous. Mind you, the two are not mutually exclusive, but the point here is about an accurate diagnosis.

Choosing the Right Boarding School for Your Troubled Teen: What Parents Need to Know

This is because of a horse-for-course situation within boarding schools. A military boarding school is not keen on students who don’t want to be there and certainly will not accept tearaways who are in trouble with the law.

Understanding Specialized Boarding Schools for Teens with Behavioral Issues

Boarding schools often specialize in various situations. They might have a therapy program for kids with depression or kids who are taking drugs. They might have an outdoor therapy program for kids who are into self-harm and need to be taken out of their dangerous environment.

So that is where the choice of school is so important. Find out what is troubling your teen and then search for boarding schools that deal with students who are like your son or daughter.

One factor that some parents may wish to consider is the faith-based nature of some boarding schools. While they maintain a high academic program and set of standards, they do offer therapy and counseling based on their Christian beliefs. If this is the faith of the parents, they may wish to send their troubled teen to a school where the emphasis is as much on God as it is on their studies.

Many boarding schools have plenty of sporting and outdoor activities, and this has two benefits. If such activities appeal to a troubled teen, they have the opportunity to indulge in their favored sport or outdoor activity and two, they are getting fit and healthy and staying away from the dangerous and debilitating lifestyle of drugs and alcohol or whatever it was that was causing their problems.

Just as there are many troubled teens, so there are many boarding high schools set up to cater to just such a student. As a parent, take your time in making the right selection for your teen. As a teen, make the most of the opportunity to gain a solid education and, at the same time, turn your life around for the good.

Transformative Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens: Path to a Positive Future

To recap, we cannot emphasize the importance of carefully selecting a boarding school tailored to the specific needs of a troubled teen. These are just highlights of the variety of boarding schools available and the options, including therapeutic, faith-based, and schools focusing on outdoor activities. 

Parents are encouraged to consider their teen’s unique challenges and preferences when choosing a school. The right boarding school can offer a transformative experience, helping teens overcome their struggles and thrive academically and personally.

How to Find the Best Specialized Boarding School for Your Child:

  1. Assess Your Child’s Needs:

    • Identify specific challenges (behavioral, academic, emotional)
    • Understand your child’s interests and strengths
  2. Research Different Types of Schools:

    • Explore therapeutic, military, faith-based, and arts-focused options
    • Consider schools with specialized programs for specific issues like ADHD, depression, or substance abuse
  3. Check Accreditation and Reputation:

    • Ensure the school is accredited
    • Look for reviews and testimonials
  4. Visit Schools and Meet Staff:

    • Schedule visits to potential schools
    • Meet with teachers, therapists, and administrators
  5. Evaluate Academic and Therapy Programs:

    • Review the curriculum and extracurricular activities
    • Understand the therapeutic approaches used
  1. Consider Location and Environment:

    • Decide on a preferred geographic location
    • Consider the school’s setting and facilities
  2. Financial Planning:

  3. Involve Your Child in the Decision:

    • Discuss options with your child
    • Ensure they feel comfortable and heard
  4. Finalize and Apply:

    • Narrow down to the best choices
    • Complete application processes
  5. Prepare for Transition:

  • Plan for the move
  • Discuss expectations and support strategies with your child

Remember, finding the right boarding school is a process that requires thorough research and careful consideration of your child’s unique needs.

Start your teen’s journey to positive change today. Speak to our family counselors about specialized boarding schools; they will help you find the perfect match for your child’s path to a brighter future.

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