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Did you know there are literally thousands of places, institutions or groups who offer help for at-risk youth? That’s a lot of help. But as a parent, your problem is finding the right one, finding the help which will turn around the life of your teen. Okay, but how?To start with there is a huge list of options listed online. There are camps and organizations which deal exclusively with troubled teens. Their web page explains how they operate and usually offer free ways for you to contact them with your questions.

There are sites which cover many of the available options and act as a type of clearing house for worried parents looking for help for their child. The following link is an example of such a site Help for Troubled Teens.

Then there are the forums on the topic of at-risk youth. Here a concerned parent will ask a question of the resident expert who will give a detailed answer. Readers are free to contribute their opinion. You can discover a great deal of information and thereby save yourself time and money by heeding the advice of other parents who once were in the position you are in now. Take advantage of all this free information.

Using a reputable search engine and typing in such words as wilderness camp or camps troubled teens will bring you into contact with a huge list of these venues which work specifically and exclusively with at-risk youth. A quick search using the search engine within the site will quickly tell you if they deal with the type of problem your teen is facing; drug addiction, low self-esteem, drunkenness, etc. Remember not all camps are the same and you only want the therapy and education which will address the problems of your child.

Knowing what help is available and where it can be found is vital. But just as important is your knowledge of the exact nature of the problem facing your child. Remember that different organizations offer different types of help. If alcohol is the major factor for your at-risk child, then a camp which treats ADHD sufferers will not be the right choice. Your child wants the therapy and the program which specifically addresses their needs.

To save yourself researching many sites and then contacting the ones you think might be suitable, you can go direct to various sources. You can contact your local doctor who should be able to refer you to a health professional dealing with the needs of your child. Or you could seek advice from a fellow parent who has already been through the process of helping their teen in trouble. Or you can take one of the online surveys which respond to your information by recommending venues and organizations in your area. One such survey is at

It’s obvious that there is a vast amount of resources aimed at helping at-risk youth. Your task is to be sure of the nature of the problem facing your teen and then select the best possible solution.

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