What is Christian Parenting?

The world has certainly changed even in the last fifty years. In many countries, churches were once well attended on Sundays and parents were a man and a woman who were legally married to one another. People who used the bible as their guide were sure of the way to raise their children.

But for many Christians today, the goal posts have been well and truly moved. The number of people attending church on Sundays let alone at all has dropped considerably. Many churches have closed their doors due to dwindling congregations. Many couples today have not undertaken any form of marriage ceremony and gay and lesbian couples have adopted children and become a family.

So a whole new range of questions has appeared. What is Christian parenting, what advice is there for Christians who wish to raise their children in a religious atmosphere and how do Christian parents handle their teenage children in today’s digital age?

The first issue for a Christian parent is to lead by example. It may be good to instruct your child in the ways of the Lord but children copy adults and if they see their parents being honest and considerate, obeying the laws of the land and doing the right thing, the child is far more likely to understand morality and follow the lead of its parents.

Setting a good example is only part of the program. There is a place for discipline even with Christian parents. Teaching your child how to behave is important as is showing them that disobedience has consequences. Appropriate punishment is often required and children will hopefully learn from their mistakes.

The important fact is that God has chosen the children and every Christian parent must remember the pre-ordained aspect of our lives. We, as human parents, may grow tired of reprimanding our children and even fear that too much scolding may diminish the love between the parent and child. But loving your child does require your full attention to their needs and helping them every step of the way every day.

The beauty of raising your children in a Christian home is that loving your child becomes a blessing in itself. God wants parents to nurture and channel their children and in so doing, God rewards the parents for their devotion and the children for their obedience.

Toddlers and teenagers are poles apart and training a tiny tot can be child’s play compared to dealing with a teenager and their issues of drugs, sexuality, alcohol and more. There are many resources available for Christian parents in seeking expertise in raising their children including teenagers. Christian book shops and web sites provide a wealth of books, DVDs and articles on raising children in a Christian home.

It is not unusual today for some child educators to suggest parents should not impose their beliefs on their own children. Christian parents with a strong faith know the opposite is true when it comes to following God’s law.

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