Tips for selecting an ADD or ADHD private school

Parents who are looking for an ADD or ADHD private school for their child should pay attention to a few key points about their program, therapeutic opportunities and educational offerings. Learning what to look for in an alternative school can help parents make better decisions, and find a school that meets the emotional, physical and educational needs of each child.

A careful assessment of the needs of each child are an important part of an alternative school. Look for a school that offers a parent orientation, to help ease the transition and initial testing and evaluation of each child. Knowing the needs of the whole child are important, and the only way to meet those needs is to be sure they’re documented and addressed professionally.

Setting goals for progress are important. Have you ever heard the term “Failure to plan means planning to fail.” Setting measurable goals for behavior management, educational success and even self confidence and then creating plans to get there is the best way to reach them.

Personalized educational plans are best for every child, but a necessity for kids with ADHD and ADD, because their natural talents and interests are always easier to learn from than a book. Some subjects don’t lend themselves very easily to hands-on learning, and differences between learning styles and interests shouldn’t prevent a child from being taught the basics in life. Look for schools that offer individual learning, flexible teaching methods, free time to study and frequent and constructive ways to expel energy throughout the day.

Since children with ADD and ADHD thrive on physical activity, they grow nervous and fidgety when their recreational needs aren’t being met. A good ADD or ADHD school will offer plenty of opportunities to run around, hike, climb, swim, jump and get sweaty. When these needs are met continually, the periods of attentiveness can grow more frequent and kids begin to enjoy life without feeling like they must constantly be in motion.

A quality ADHD/ADD boarding school or boot camp, will be staffed with professionals around the clock, to help your child deal with emotional issues as soon as they come up, rather than allowing a fit to develop. Keeping emotions in check helps keep kids from losing control and blowing up.

Look for a school that offers plenty of fresh air and outdoor activities. Being able to stare up at the clouds, breathe clean air and run like the wind have been good for kids for thousands of years. When kids feel that anything is possible, they’re more likely to work to reach higher goals, especially in a positive environment where no one is telling them they can’t be their best.

The last thing to look for in an ADD school is an enrollment of less than 100 students. When kids are able to make friends based upon common interests, and to form close relationships with one another, they can experience social success that lasts a lifetime. In larger schools, kids can fall through the cracks or get lost in the shuffle. It’s distracting even to kids that aren’t on the spectrum, so aim for an enrollment of 40-60 kids.

Learning how to evaluate a private ADHD school for your child will make it easier to find one that meets their needs. Every factor of school life must be investigated, and decisions should be made based not upon the parent’s convenience, but upon the child’s brightest options for the future. Every child deserves success, so it’s important to choose an alternative school that offers features designed to make each child successful.

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