Parenting Advice: Avoid these Most Common Parenting Mistakes

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No parent wants to make mistakes when raising their child. Every parent wants to do a good job and see their kids happy, healthy and well-adjusted. But where do we learn our? How do we become a good parent?

One possible problem is that we rely on our instincts. We ‘think’ it’s the right thing to do so we do it. But why not find out what the professionals suggest? You don’t have to take their advice but it would be nice (and possibly great for your children) to at least know what advice is available. Here are some short tips on being a better parent.

Stay positive. If your child has troubles, is disobedient, throws tantrums, etc, just remember you are not the only parent to face this situation. There is a solution and with your perseverance and determination, every problem can be resolved or certainly reduced. Remember that team play is a great resource. Your partner and your local medical professionals are all available to help face and overcome any concerns.

Avoid the pedestal. Don’t be a parent who places their child in the perfect classification. Then when the child fails, as we all do, your expectations will be dashed. By all means set high goals for your children but leave perfection to cats and ballet dancers.

Don’t counter-punch. Fights only continue when two boxers keep slugging it out. If a problem arises with your children, avoid confrontation and certainly avoid an on-going fight. Back off. It’s not a sign of weakness and it will almost certainly defuse what could be a volatile situation.

Be consistent. As a teacher or a parent, inconsistency is your greatest weakness. Even young children know the difference between a rule for today which is then relaxed tomorrow. Make a ruling and stick to it.

Be cruel to be kind. Some parents don’t like to set limits on what their children can do. This is potentially dangerous. First, children like and want guidance. They look to their parents for comfort and support. Second, allowing your children to do as they like fails to teach them about caring for others.

Be flexible. Maybe we learned our parenting skills from our parents. But wherever our skills came from, you must be prepared to change course if needs must. Having a theory of parenting is fine but it’s the practice which counts when all is said and done. If the situation demands you re-think your method, do so. Don’t resist change for the sake of change.

Educate yourself. Finally be prepared to discover what others have said and done about parenting techniques. Your public library, your local PTA and even your own PC. Go on-line, visit parenting web sites and read forums where people just like you have their say. Read their questions and the answers which other parents or experts provide. Advice is many cases is not only practical and worthwhile, it’s free. You can never stop learning and being a parent is something you remain for life.

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