Iowa Residential Treatment

Are you having trouble with your teen and are seeing them heading down a dangerous life path? If so then you may want to consider entering them into an Iowa residential treatment center. A youth in residential treatment will have the ability to work through their feelings and problems, and they will come to realize they have the ability to make a positive change in their own lives.

Like Iowa’s State Rock, the Geode, a young adult in residential treatment may be very rough on the outside when they first arrive, but over a period of treatment they will leave the residential treatment center with new behavior skills and a shining belief in their own potential.

Each teen/adolescent is unique, and while in treatment, like the Geode, they will open up and discover what lies within them and what they are capable of doing when they put their mind to it.

Who may be able to benefit from residential treatment?

  • Teens who are addicted to drugs or alcohol
  • Those suffering mental health issues
  • Those suffering from violence
  • Youths who are at risk
  • Teens/young adults who are at risk of self-injury
  • Those suffering ODD/ADD or ADHD

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