Illinois Residential Treatment

Making a choice to enter your teen into residential treatment centers in Illinois is difficult and should not be a decision that is made lightly. Here are some thoughts and feelings you may want to consider or which you and your teen may go through or have to deal with.

  • You may feel guilty wanting or needing to send them away or you may feel like you are letting your youth down.
  • Your teen may pressure you into letting him/her stay at home and promise they will change. However if problems are deep seated this may not be possible, however well intentioned they are. Manipulation is common behavior for an adolescent who needs or who would benefit from residential treatment.
  • A Residential Treatment Center could mean the choice between harmony in the family, or a downward spiral of increasingly self-destructive behavior, which wreaks havoc on everyone, including your young adult.
  • Adolescents who are depressed, angry, who may be experimenting with drugs and alcohol, and/or failing in school need you to take action on their behalf, whether they recognize it or not.
  • A Residential Treatment Center can help your adolescent turn into the strong, positive young adult who is able to make rational choices in life.

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