How to Choose the best Portland Therapist

If you are like the vast majority of people, you won’t have a list of Portland therapists you can call. Most people don’t visit a therapist, at least not often, and would have trouble finding one without some guidance. Here is that guidance.

The first thing to discover is what exactly is wrong with you. It may not be a therapist you need but a doctor for some physical complaint. So see your doctor first and if it’s established you are depressed or in a difficult marriage or whatever, then you need to start looking for the right therapist. I say ‘right’ therapist because they are not all the same. Here are just a few factors which separate one therapist from another.

  • Their age and experience
  • Their training both graduate and post-graduate
  • Their philosophy towards therapy
  • Their fee
  • Their location
  • Their track record

Straight away you can see how therapists differ. For example, if you are seeking advice for your troubled marriage, you need therapists who deal with this subject. And the more experience in this field the therapist has the better.

Another major factor with using therapy is the length of the course. Some treatments are short-term lasting a few weeks but other visits can be on-going for a year or more. It depends on the condition of the patient and the treatment being provided.

One thing you can do is give your therapist a trial. Pay for a session or two and if you are not happy, do not continue. It cannot be stressed enough that the vibe or feeling you have in working so closely with a professional therapist is of the utmost importance. If you’re not happy, discontinue visiting that therapist.

There is no shortage of Portland therapists and when you find the one which best suits your needs, you are well on the path to recovery, to overcoming your problem. The key is to do some investigating, ask questions and find that ideal therapist.

You could contact the receptionist and ask questions about the therapist’s qualifications, fees, insurance plan acceptance and times of consulting. When you have a therapist or a few, you could telephone them and ask about their treatment experience for someone in your situation.

Remember practical steps like the location of the therapist are important because you don’t want to travel across Portland for your regular visits if it can be helped.

Then there’s your insurance company. Does your therapist recognize your cover and will your costs be reduced accordingly?

You don’t have to know about the many different approaches Portland therapists use in their practice but you do need to know how a particular therapist will, generally speaking, go about treating your condition.

After all, you are the patient, it’s your health and your money so please remember who is in charge. Once you settle on your Portland therapist you will trust them and work hard to make a success of your treatment. But remember to choose well.

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