Tips When Choosing a Boarding School for Your Troubled Teen

It’s an old but a wise saying that you should ‘try before you buy’. This is a major piece of advice when considering a boarding school for your troubled teen. Like most important decisions you want to weigh up your options. So take the time to examine the school beforehand and there are various ways you can do that.

Talk to the parents of a student at the school at present or in the recent past. Talk to the student as well. What is their evaluation of the boarding school, its staff, curriculum and facilities? Does the school have lots to offer? Remember you want an unbiased report from someone who has had the experience.

Then when you are close to making a choice of boarding school, make a visit. Nothing beats taking a tour of the school. Ask to see the dormitories, the gymnasium and music facilities. Ask to see the science wing and the playing fields. Meet the principal and some of the staff. You will get a much better feeling from this hands-on approach.

Remember that your teen is troubled and the right school is the one which has the program and facilities to effectively deal with the cause of your child’s problems. It is likely you will be emotional at the distress your teen is facing. Try and make your choice of boarding school without the emotional influence. Try and step back to make an evaluation based on facts rather than feelings.

Are you sure a boarding school is the right or best option for your child? There are other alternatives and boot camps, military schools and wilderness camps are just three. Make sure you know the reason your teen is troubled. Then weigh up the benefits of the various educational and therapy programs available. You are sure your teen is troubled. You must also be sure that the choice of educational institution is spot on for the needs of your child. Make the best choice possible.

Your teen is in trouble and their best port of call is a solid and happy home. Make sure your teen feels confident and keen to return to their home base. Make sure you and your family can be involved in the boarding school and its programs. The aim is to help your teen recover and return to a normal and happy life. When they do it is your home which will become the base. Make sure it is fit and ready to receive the new arrival.

Telling your teen that they are going to a boarding school needs to be handled with care. Don’t tell them until it is necessary. Telling them may cause problems. Telling them too early gives the teen the chance to build a case for not attending or worse, for running away. Think this through carefully and show respect and love when breaking the news. Always stress the positives and have answers prepared for the questions and complaints which will likely come your way.

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