What are the Government-Funded Residential Treatment Programs for Teens?

The government definitely understands that there is a need for them to fund various residential treatment programs for teens. The goal is early intervention now to prevent these members of our society from continuing to have problems as adults. Such outreach programs continue to grow and they really are making a difference for our youth.

Finding Residential Treatment Programs for Teens

With so many great government funded residential treatment programs out there, you definitely want to take the time to find the right program for your child. You need to take some time to do independent research. Contact facilities that may be a good match for your child so you can get more information about what they offer. Your child’s doctor can also help you to get your child into the right program. This will be based on the assessment that has been done.

Keep in mind that the quality of care out there is significantly different from one facility to the next. Don’t get the false impression that because they are all government funded that they all have the same to offer. A quality program is going to increase the chance of success for your child upon completing the program so make sure you give it a great deal of thought before you make that final decision.

Addressing Specific Needs

There are government funded residential treatment programs out there for drug or alcohol addiction, weight issues, mental health concerns including depression and bipolar disorder, anger management, and many others. Finding the right treatment facility that can offer your child what they need is very important. There is no one size fits all establishment out there.

Why a Residential Treatment Program?

With a residential treatment program your child will get the care he or she needs around the clock. These programs cover lots of things that pertain to your child’s issues. They often include counseling, medications when necessary, cognitive behavior changing therapy, and even some academics if the program is a lengthy one. That way your child has the ability to make positive changes when they come back home. They can also stay on level for their schooling.

Boot Camps

In the eyes of the media, boot camps often get a bad reputation. There have been some bad apples out there that make it seem like these aren’t good ideas to consider. However, there are several boot camps that are government funded and they operate very well. The goals are to teach the children discipline, following orders, help them get more exercise, and to help them improve their own self image.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment

It is absolutely shocking the high number of teenagers that are addicted to drugs or to alcohol use. These elements are very easy to get in our society, but not so easy to stop using on your own. Your child may need the help of a government funded residential treatment program for them to be able to move on from such an addiction.

The mental and the physical addictions have to be treated. This takes time and it can be done with the right structure. Your child needs to see that there are triggers that promote the use of drugs or alcohol for them. By doing so they can choose other behaviors when such triggers are present. That type of learning will help to reduce the chances of a relapse occurring.

Moving into an Outpatient Program

With many of these government funded residential treatment programs, the care doesn’t end when your teenager leaves the facility. Instead, they are referred to an outpatient treatment program in your area. This allows them to continue moving forward with what has already been put into place for them.

It can be very difficult as a parent to make the decision to place your child in such a residential treatment facility. Yet it is also one of the most caring and unselfish things you can do for them. It shows your child you support them 100% in all they do and that you are there to help them overcome any problems they may have.

As a parent, you are the best advocate your child has. If you have confidence in a government funded residential treatment program then you will feel better about your decision to place your child there. It is very important that they finish the entire program. Removing them from it early will increase the chance that such problems they are facing continue to develop.

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