Finding the right ADD boarding school for your child

Enrolling your child in an ADD boarding school doesn’t need to be an act of faith. A thorough investigation of their activities, program offerings, philosophies and success rates, as well as their procedures for creating a treatment plan, and transitioning out of the program are important things to consider when you’re researching. Follow these guidelines to find an alternative boarding school for your ADD child.

Look for positive behavioral therapies that are aimed at helping your child learn to manage their energy levels. One popular T-shirt quote for ADD counselors says “If you’re suffering from ADD you’re doing it wrong.” Keeping that in mind is important. You wouldn’t want your child to ‘suffer” because they had fair skin, black hair, or an outie navel. You’d teach them to wear sunscreen, avoid dandruff and memorize snappy comebacks during bikini season. Many ADD boarding schools have round the clock behavior therapists who can create action plans and help your child learn to direct their activities, to be purposeful and to notice the inner signs that they’re losing focus and to work within themselves to summon self control. Look for a school with a track record of success, and experience dealing with ADD and ADHD children.

is an important part of a good ADD boarding school. Some kids don’t need it, but quite simply, the idea of going through life being viewed as an outcast or as defective can have a negative impact upon a child. A good counselor is a sounding board and can help a child learn to look at things from a different perspective. Instead of reacting negatively to perceived injustices and adversity, regular counseling can help kids build an identity for themselves that exists without ADD, and learn to appreciate themselves for their other talents, goals and interests. A good ADD boarding school will offer access to counselors.

Physical activity is important for all children, but kids with ADD derive a special enjoyment from running into the wind, swimming, hiking and interacting with nature and animals. Many families in big cities discover that the school playground or the corner park don’t offer their children enough exposure to nature or free space to run wild and free. For this reason, sometimes it’s best to find an ADD school that’s away from their hometown. Being a few hour’s drive or flight away from home can sometimes mean that kids get to play in the mountains, or plains and enjoy the pace of the natural world. For the same reason that summer camps are good for kids, a boarding school that offers outdoor experiences is also best for ADD kids.

It’s important to compare the benefits and features of all of your options when you’re trying to Find the right ADD boarding school for your child. Be sure to ask about things like financial aid, scholarships, and transitioning procedures. Make sure that the philosophies of the school are in line with how you’d want to be treated if you were a child. Look for programs that allow kids to grow in independence and to develop positive living skills, for long-term benefits…

Speak to an expert about Finding the right ADD boarding school for your child and how it may help your child.

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