Counseling And Therapy For Troubled Teens

The teenage years can be tricky. Their bodies grow rapidly, they face issues with their sexuality and grown-up responsibilities like voting and driving a car become a reality. Many teens navigate their way through this stage of their life without many or any problems. But others strike an iceberg. When a teen finds him or her in trouble, then it is good to know there are therapies and treatment programs designed specifically for them.

But the problems faced by teens vary greatly in type and degree of difficulty. This article does not rate one problem more serious than another but simply points out that there are many problems including the following.

Some teens have what is called a sensitive nature and can be easily upset by certain events. If a friendship breaks down or their family splits, many teens take such a change personally and suffer as a result. A sensitive teen may be bullied because of their appearance or disability. This is appalling behaviors to treat anyone in such a way but some teens are better able to handle the stress. So with teens suffering in these situations we need to find the relevant therapy program and help them overcome their difficulties.

Then there are teens that do not show symptoms but are obviously in trouble. The outward signs could be a falling away in school attendance and a consequent drop in grades. The issue for the parent is of course to discover why. Does the teen have depression? Do they have suicidal thoughts? Have they become reclusive and spend long times alone in their room?

The issue of depression and other forms of mental illness is extremely important to a teen. Any behavior involving excessive weight changes, self-harm and despondency must be tackled immediately. There are many treatment programs to assist teens troubled in these areas. Help is available both in residential and day session situations.

Then there are those teens that choose to be rebellious by smoking, drinking alcohol and dabbling in drugs. At first this may be seen as youthful experimentation, some sort of rite of passage. Sadly alcohol and drugs have a nasty habit of becoming addictive and a teen who is seriously involved in drugs, particularly heavy drugs, is even in danger of losing their life. Again many treatment programs which deal specifically with teens and drug and alcohol addiction are available.

A parent cannot be too careful in checking on the mental and physical health of their teenage son or daughter. Hopefully there has been and still is a two-way communication situation whereby the parent and the child can be open and honest with one another. Teenagers like to flex their independent muscle and not be required to follow every rule they followed as a youngster.

Sadly there are evil forces in the world and a teen who is unsupervised and who can and does partake of drugs, alcohol and a promiscuous lifestyle is heading for trouble.

Your family doctor is an excellent place to start even if it means the parent going alone. Talk about your concerns with a health professional, find out exactly what is wrong with your troubled teen and find the appropriate treatment program. The therapy is available.

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