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Co-Ed Residential Treatment Facilities

A co-ed residential treatment facility helps to offer some balance for those attending. Statistics show that those that have both sexes there instead of only one offer some unique benefits.


One of the many elements taking into consideration with an adolescent co-ed residential treatment facility is safety. Parents want to be assured that their children will be safe. There are separate sleeping and showering areas for each gender. Staff is in place to keep a watchful eye out for any problems that may arise.

Bonding & Socialization

A co-ed residential treatment facility gives patients the chance to create bonds with each other. It is important that they are able to trust their own gender as well as those on the other side of it. As a result, it can help to transform the way in which they view relationships outside of the facility as well.

The length of time that these individuals are at the treatment facility can vary. However, while they are there it is important they don’t feel alone. It is also important that they don’t feel like they are only surrounded by adults. Having peers of both genders around is a great way for them to form some great bonds.

An important thing they will take away from all of this too is that they can make new friends. They are going to need to do so in many instances when they leave the facility because their friends back home are likely going to continue using drugs. Making a conscious choice to make changes such as who they hang out with will be very important to their level of success.

The confidence they gain from being around new people their age and with similar issues is going to go a long way towards them being able to do that. This can result in less stress when it comes time for them to make such a transformation back at home in their normal environment.

Establish Goals

When it comes to being able to establish goals, doing so in a group setting can be helpful. With a co-ed residential treatment facility, there is input from many angles. It is no secret that boys and girls often think differently. A combination of thoughts from both though can help each of these patients to be able to establish realistic goals for themselves.

Therapeutic Treatment in a Residential Treatment Facility

In addition to individual counseling, this type of setting offers group counseling where the input from both genders can be a great way for everyone to start to understand the impact of choices. Not only in the reflection of how they affect them personally but in reference to how they will influence a group.

While adolescents at the treatment facility will learn a great deal from counselors, instructors, and other staff members they will also learn a great deal from each other. Establishing an environment in a co-ed residential treatment facility where such learning can take place is important. In many instances,they don’t even realize all they have learned from being around each other until it is time for them to go their separate ways.

This is why the friendships that develop at the treatment facility can continue afterward. It is common for boys and girls that attended together to forge a very strong bond. They can continue to talk to each other over the phone, via email, and in letters. The support they offer to each other is unparalleled to anything else out there.

Establish Stability and Routine

In the environment your child was in before the treatment facility it is likely they went to school and had interactions with both girls and boys. Offering that sense of stability and routine at the co-ed residential treatment facility is going to help a child adjust to all the changes in less time.

As a result of that, they are able to take down barriers and start to benefit from the treatments that are offered. In order for such a program to be successful it is necessary for the child to feel accepted, welcomed, and comfortable in the environment. With only one gender it can feel like they are segregated and that can slow the acceptance process.

Co-ed Residential Treatment in the Real World

In the real world, it is co-ed out there. This includes in your own family, school environments, friendships, and the working environment. Learning to effectively communicate on a variety of levels with the same and the opposite sex is very important. It can help a person to have better relationships on all of these levels based on the skills they develop in a co-ed residential treatment facility.

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