Best Parenting Tips for Parents with ADD ADHD Children and Teens

As a parent with a child diagnosed with ADD or ADHD you want as much information as possible. You want your child to overcome their condition and lead a happy and healthy life. And one of the best things in this situation is that you, the parent, can do many practical things to improve and maintain a good lifestyle for your child. Here are some tips.

Be what you want your child to be. If you are strong on love and caring, emotionally and mentally sound and share your love with family and loved ones, your child will see an excellent model. They can grow to be like you.

Discipline is a two-edged sword. Your child needs and wants the right type of discipline. Make sure your child understands why they are being disciplined. Give clear definitions of what is expected and what will not be tolerated. But at the same time be aware of becoming too concerned about your child and their ADD or ADHD behavior. You have a life too and should not lose it in watching and caring for your child.

As regards discipline, you need to know the difference between being naughty and not knowing any better. If a child rebels then that is not the same as the child making a mistake because they are clumsy or are suffering from ADHD. You must discipline according to that difference and your child should understand the distinction too.

By all means give your child tasks with goals and finish times. Supervise them and monitor their progress. Praise them for success in completing even a small task. Encourage them at all times. But in amongst this supervision don’t forget your child is a living human being and love, affection and kindness can be just as helpful as the setting and correction of tasks.

Know the difference between quality time and other time but understand too that quality time in quantity is better than quality time of no real duration. There is no substitute for genuine involvement with your child.

Success in life to some is money, status and possessions. To others it can be inner peace, good health and happiness. Work out what is success for you and work to ensuring your child achieves it. Health and happiness are by far the best goals to which we can aspire.

Self-discipline is better than overt discipline. Teach and guide your child so that can develop skills in self-discipline. Have them be able to apply the test of ‘is this the right thing to do?

Lack of discipline can be a bad thing for your ADD or ADHD child. It is vital that you establish a clear understand or what it right and what is wrong. Give your child the opportunity to decide their choice of action.

Give your child tasks to complete. Turn major ones into a series of smaller ones. Give praise upon successful completion. Keep them busy which is not necessarily the same as active. Restrict such things as TV watching. Be cruel to be kind. Show rather than tell and travel with them on their journey through life.

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