Choosing the Right Marriage Family Therapist

Choosing the Right Marriage Family Therapist

There is nothing as important for individuals and for the community as a stable and happy family life. A divorce can have disastrous effects in various ways. The economy and environment suffers, children suffer and the couple as individuals can becomeor feel guilty.

All the more reason why marriages should be helped when necessary. The most common way to assist a couple having marriage difficulties is to engage a marriage counselor or therapist. They are trained and registered and, in most cases, experienced. But as with many things in life, getting the right mix is so important. It’s a fact that one counselor does not suit every couple.

So how do you find the right marriage therapist for you?

The couple should discuss the choice of therapist between themselves. Does one partner prefer to work only with a male or a female? You want to give your therapy sessions the best possible chance of helping, perhaps saving your marriage. Your choice of counselor could be the difference between the sessions working or not working.

The therapist you select must be respected by both partners. Liking the therapist helps but is not essential. Respecting the therapist is. He or she will suggest ways and means to help restore and then grow your marriage. If you respect the therapist you will be far more likely to tackle the strategies with enthusiasm or at least with determination. Make sure you have respect for your therapist.

The old ‘try before you buy’ principle has never been more apt than when choosing a marriage therapist. Your marriage is the most important partnership in your life. If it’s in trouble you want the best possible help to save it. Choose the therapist who is most likely to help you and your partner. Find out all you can about a prospective therapist.

What are their qualifications? What is their experience? What is their success rate? Do they have a philosophy on how marriages should be handled? If so, what is that philosophy? What are their fees? Do they recognize your insurance cover? Do they work on weekends and after hours?

These types of questions will guide you in making your choice of marriage therapists. Take your time. Ask around. Can anyone recommend a good marriage therapist? What was good about this person? How did they help you? Would you recommend them?

There are sources for finding a therapist. Professional associations will have lists of therapists but will usually not recommend one over the other. That’s where your investigative skills come into place.

If after a lot of research you finally find what you believe is the right marriage therapist for you, don’t stay with that therapist if things don’t work out. Couples need to remember that they are the client and have the right to change if they are not happy. You have no obligation to remain with your chosen therapist.

But once you make your choice, the hard work has only just begun. With the guidance of a therapist of your choice, you must then follow through and make sure your marriage recovers and blooms.

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