What Is the Best Camp for Troubled Teens?

Parents love their kids and, as they grow, can watch the change in their child. Alas many lovely toddlers get to be teenagers who grow an attitude as well. There are millions of parents who have tried their hardest to raise responsible young adults only to discover their teen is in trouble. And the worst part of that can be finding out after the event.

In todays busy society it is often the case that both parents work. This can mean a child is home alone or at least without parental supervision. The world offers many attractions for young people and if a teen runs with the wrong crowd then starts dabbling in drugs, stealing, being promiscuous and participating in other dangerous lifestyle activities then problems are almost certain to occur.

Then, when confronted with the catalogue of their misdeeds, the teen may deny any wrongdoing, become hostile and the blame game begins. This is a huge quandary for a loving parent. How can they rescue their troubled teen? What can they do to stop their dangerous behavior and help them return to a life of healthy pursuits and solid academic study?

Well there are many types of camps which cater for troubled teens. Some are brilliant and have a wonderful reputation of turning around the life of a troubled teen. But these camps are not all the same. Some are long and others short. Some concentrate on physical activities while others have a significant therapeutic operation. You need to know what ails your teen and then find a camp which best suits their needs. This may mean doing some research. And in checking out various camps you will need to take notes.

Now if you’re totally new to this experience, here are some issues you can raise with the various camps you wish to consider. In many cases you can go online and discover the information that way. In other cases you may need to contact the camp either by phone or email and ask your questions. The sort of information you need is as follows.

The first thing to discover is the bona fides of the camp. Is it registered and does it have State approval to operate? What type of staff do they employ and what are their qualifications and experience? How long does a program run and what contact does my child have with me and their family?

Then you need to know what type of teen they cater for. Do they take teens with a history of aggression and/or violence? Do they work with teens that have a mental illness? Do they work with kids who have issues with drugs and alcohol? You see sending your troubled teen to the wrong type of camp can do more harm than good. You need to get the fit just right.

Then you can move on to the physical side of their operation. Ask questions about the size of classes, the sleeping arrangements, the diet provided, any extra equipment or clothing the teen will need to provide and everything to do with the programs.

What is the academic curriculum being taught? How important is the academic approach?

There is a wide range of questions you can ask. The point being you need to find the best camp for your troubled teen. It’s out there; you just have to find it.

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