What is Intensive Residential Treatment?

An intensive residential treatment program is one that is extremely structured. There is staff available around the clock to ensure the overall safety of every adolescent there. At the same time there is a high number of staff to ensure that all of the patients can be closely watched. A routine is established early on which helps to set the pace for what needs to be accomplished.

Who needs an Intensive Residential Treatment Program?

No all children need to be in such a structured type of facility. However, those that have serious mental health issues, behavior concerns, or other needs may be better off placed in such a location. Usually there is an assessment done that can determine if this level of treatment is necessary. It may be important to start your child out here and then as they progress they can move to lower levels of care within the facility.

The team effort that is offered in such an establishment ensures that your child will have the best when it comes to support. They will also have a team of experts that can teach them skills they need to modify their behaviors. The staff is ready for anything though including violent outbursts.

Is it Safe?

Even though you may agree that your child does need help, you may be afraid such a facility isn’t safe. There have been some reports about abuse occurring or fighting among the children at an intensive residential treatment facility. Taking the time to find out what the reputation is of the place though can put your mind at ease.

Ask about what measures are taken to ensure your child will be safe. Ask about what is in place to reduce the chance of your child being harmed by someone else at the facility. You will find that there are some well designed plans in motion.

What about Discipline?

Most of the time an intensive residential treatment center has specific guidelines in place. When your child behaves in certain ways that are positive they earn rewards and privileges. However, when they behave in negative ways then can get those privileges taken away. If the situation warrants it the use of restraints may be necessary as well. Make sure you are fully aware and accepting of the disciplinary action that may be used for your child in the facility.

Positive behavior is immediately rewarded and relapses to poor behaviors are dealt with quickly too. This is all part of the structure to help keep the kids on track. Being consistent is a primary element for seeing that through from start to finish.

What does the Program Include?

The specifics relating to an intensive residential treatment program can vary. However, they do tend to have many of the same elements in place. A great deal of the focus is on individual counseling. There should also be some group counseling taking place as peer contact and interaction is very useful.

Education about trigger points should be part of this program. The desire for your child to get a regular education may have to wait during this stage of treatment. However, as your child makes progress then their academic studies may be introduced into the overall program so they don’t fall behind.

Is an Intensive Residential Treatment Program Effective?

There are numerous success stories out there about how well an intensive residential treatment program has been. It can take time for a child to make the decision that they are going to work hard to make positive changes. That can be a slow process as can the amount of overall therapy that they need to be successful. This is why the length of such a program can be six months or longer in many cases.

An intensive residential treatment program though may be the last resort for many parents. They could be ready to give up completely as they have exhausted all other efforts. The choice to place a child in such a facility isn’t an easy one. However, as you weigh the pros and cons you may feel that this is one method that can offer your child an opportunity to do something great with their life.

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