Massage Therapy For Your Mental Health

Mental health is much more in the news today than ever before. Depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and stress are just some of the issues or types of mental illness which we suffer today. And massage therapy is growing in popularity especially as patients discover its benefits in removing mental health problems.

There are numerous cures for mental issues including rest, stopping work, medications and massage. And there are various types of massage we can use and to various parts of our body. People with back pain, insomnia or other problems are turning in greater numbers to various forms of massage to heal their broken bodies and minds.

Massage therapy can do wonders for a tired or stressed body. And with a rejuvenated body, the mind finds itself in calmer waters and stress and other mental worries can disappear.

It’s a difficult question to know which causes which – if you are mentally unwell does this affect your physical condition? Or is it vice versa? If your body is stressed and worn out does this create tension in your mind and thus produce mental problems?

Whatever the answer is, many people are turning to massage therapy as a way of relieving or removing their pain. A chiropractor may know how to discover strained muscles and bruised bodies but the treatment may not be complete without a deep and relaxing Swedish massage.

Such a massage is not a long process lasting between 15 and 30 minutes. The person applying the massage must know all the medical problems the patient may have or does have. Only the best and most effective massage can be applied when both patient and masseuse are confident and capable.

The aim or purpose of massage therapy is make all the muscles relax. This in turn removes fatigue which is often a stimulus for worry and stress. Patients though should understand that the massage therapy may continue for a few sessions to be totally effective.

It’s possible that a patient may not see the link between massage therapy and the relief of mental problems. If you are unsure, talk to your physiotherapist, chiropractor or mental health therapist who can explain the link and the benefits.

Many people suffer from pain in a certain part of their body. Let’s say it is a pain in their neck or a troublesome knee. Such aches and pains are common amongst older people. While they can live with the pain it plays on their mind and causes stress. By taking regular massage therapy the aches and pains disappear for a reasonable time and as a consequence so does the mental worry.

There is a clear and definite link between massage therapy and a healthy and stress free mind. Knowing that the massage therapy is a short and simple procedure, the benefits gained to both mind and body make such a treatment highly beneficial. The key is finding the massage therapist who best works for your condition. Ask around, let your fingers do the walking and find that blessed relief.

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