The Advantages of Residential Alcohol Treatment

Someone suffering from alcohol addiction is in a tricky situation. Their addiction is having a major impact on their life and the only way forward is to break their addiction. That can be achieved and is achieved by millions of addicts. But the choices basically come down to two forms of treatment – as an outpatient or an inpatient.

The outpatient attends the facility during the day, takes part fully in all the activities of the detox program and at the end of the day goes home. Often they need to provide their own transport.

The inpatient, however, lives in the facility. They take part fully in all the activities but at the end of the day they are home for the length of their stay.

This gives the person in a residential treatment center a distinct advantage; many distinct advantages. First they don’t have to worry about the time and cost of travel. Getting up each morning means simply to shower and dress because their program is in the same building or complex.

Second they are removed from temptation. One of the greatest problems for a recovering alcoholic is to stay dry. Receiving even excellent treatment is great but spending 12 or more hours a day during the treatment being on the road or at home places temptation to drink front and square in their lives. The residential patient has that temptation removed.

Full time care is another huge benefit. Staffs at the treatment center are trained professionals and experts in working with people attempting to overcome their alcohol addiction. They are on duty 24/7 and can assist those residents who may be having physical and mental difficulties at any time of the day or night.

One factor all alcoholics face is the environment in which they live. They become comfortable in their environment; it is where they can find their alcohol and where they can drink in comfort. They are comfortable in their environment to the extent that the environment helps them to drink.

When a patient is in residence, their environment is changed, radically changed. They no longer feel comfortable in being able to find and consume alcohol. This is a big advantage for the patient being taken out of their comfort zone and being confronted with their desire to overcome their addiction.

Overcoming alcohol addiction is achieved through a variety of activities and being in residence, the patient has every opportunity to participate in many of these events. The treatment is ongoing and available 24/7. This is a huge plus for the in-house patient.

A major benefit for fulltime residents is the fact that they are mixing and living with fellow addicts. Helping themselves and one another is often a part of the treatment and knowing you are not alone throughout your stay can mean a great deal to all residents.

Not all facilities are the same and patients should choose the right venue for their needs. But having chosen the facility, opting to reside there is the best possible way to help you overcome your addiction.

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