Selecting Help Programs for Troubled Teens

Troubled teens can suffer from one or more of the following.

  • Running around with gangs
  • Alcohol and drug problems
  • Depression
  • School failure
  • Eating disorders
  • Self harm

As a parent of a troubled teen you feel real pain as you see your family being placed under enormous pressure. You want help. Your teen needs help. You want advice which is practical, easy to understand and most importantly, which works.

There is a variety of schools you can consider as a means of helping your child. Here are the main types of institutions which offer help.

  • Boot camps
  • Wilderness programs
  • Military schools
  • Boarding schools
  • Residential treatment centers

Each offers a different type of program and each is better suited to the condition of the resident and the problem or problems they face. Your task is to match the needs of your teen with the programs on offer by the respective schools. But how?

You could do the leg work yourself. Contact the various schools and ask a series of questions. Or you could talk to other parents who have had a troubled teen and find out how they tackled the problem. Or you could contact a group such as Parent Help and rely on their expertise in the matter.

Briefly the various schools offer the following programs. Remember the choice you make must be the right one in order to give your troubled teen a fresh start.

Boot camps are run on a military style routine and suit teens who have a problem with authority. Some boot camps are an alternative to juvenile jail. They are not cozy holiday breaks and may only last a few months. They are tough. More information can be found at Teen Boot Camps.

Wilderness camps are based on outdoor activities, are not long with some being only a few weeks in duration. They aim to lift the spirits and the aspirations of teens who lack get up and go. They are not focused on academic activity but on communing with nature and helping the teen feel confident.

Military schools have changed over the years. Once they were for teens who ran into trouble. Now they won’t take a rebellious teen or one who doesn’t want to be there. There is a high emphasis on academic and sporting activities and these schools are an excellent grounding for a teen wanting to enter the military in later life.

Boarding schools are for defiant teens who need discipline and emotional stability. They offer a fine academic program but the teens are in residence and removed from the people who got them into trouble. More information can be found at Teen Boarding School.

Residential treatment centers offer 24 hour care for teens who a danger to themselves and who may have drug or alcohol problems or a mental illness. They are high care facilities specifically for teens at risk.

As you can there are various alternatives and this list is not complete. So discover the exact nature of the problem faced by your troubled teen. Then examine the various institutions which best suit your teen.

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