How to Choose the Right Adolescent Residential Treatment Program

How to Choose the Right Adolescent Residential Treatment Program

Sadly, there are many adolescents in our society that need the help of a residential treatment program. It is vital that they get the help they need so that they don’t continue to be involved with such problems. They have their entire life in front of them and the goal is to ensure they have a great future.

Choosing the right adolescent residential treatment program for any child is very important. Not all of them offer the same excellence when it comes to such programs. You certainly want to make sure your child has every opportunity to do well in the program. You are taking steps in the right direction so the last thing you want to see is failure.

Can it Meet the Needs of your Troubled Teen?

Going to an adolescent residential program can be scary. Most teenagers aren’t going to want to go to such a facility. You can help to alleviate their fears by letting them know what they can expect. Many of these programs are extremely structured and they are able to take care of behavior issues that may arise as well. They have caring staff that is able to relate to the needs of adolescents. Make sure the structure of the program is one that is right for a child.

It can be scary for parents too due to the stories we have heard about military schools and boot camps. Scaring kids isn’t the way to get results though. A complete program that helps them to explore who they are and who they want to be is important. The addiction has to be dealt with on a physical and emotional level. They need to know they have the support there.

Adolescents often feel that they don’t have much control when they are in an adolescent residential treatment program. It should incorporate some aspects of learning that are fun. That way they will open up to it and be drawn in. It eliminates the resistance and then the healing can start.

Extensive Therapy

Adolescents need to have extensive therapy at a residential treatment program if it is going to help them. They need to change their behaviors on a deep level so that they will be less likely to go back to using drugs when they leave. Peer pressure and trigger points have to be addressed so that they aren’t a huge threat to the child when they go back home.

Individual therapy should be part of the program. Group therapy can be very helpful as well. Then the adolescents are able to get support from each other. They can also see that they aren’t isolated in how they feel. It can be the support from group therapy that they need but aren’t getting from counselors or their family. It is on another level with those that have walked in their shoes.

Customized Plans for Each Child

While the framework for such a program should be structured, there are many things that need to be done to customize the plans for each child. Spending time with them doing various activities away from the traditional counselling and classroom settings is important. It can help counselors to have an inside look at the needs of each child. It can help to determine what motivates them.

Once a plan of action has been implemented, setting goals to be successful have to be implemented. A quality adolescent residential treatment program has the child be part of setting those goals. They also help them with celebrating them along the way as such stepping stones can help them continue on the path to changing their life.


In spite of what is going on with the drug treatment, part of the focus in this type of environment needs to be on academic learning. Some of these adolescents may be far behind in that area. Getting them on track and making education part of their goals is important. It gives them another focus for their attention when they go back home as well. Find out what the process will be for such learning to take place.

Skills that Last a Lifetime

With a quality adolescent residential treatment program a child should learn skills that will last a lifetime. These skills can be applied to a variety of different situations out there they may face. A well trained staff will be successful in getting their influence out there in a matter that these children respect and want to benefit from.

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