Residential Treatment Centers for Children

You will find more and more residential treatment centers for children than ever before. This is due to information we have about serious problems including substance abuse, alcohol abuse, anger issues, eating disorders, and mental health concerns definitely affect children as well. Most of these centers won’t take those under 12 years of age but there are some exceptions.

Get the Facts

Parents are often scared through the media though when it comes to residential treatment centers for children. The messages out there can convey them as very dangerous as well as most being effective. That is true about a handful of them out there but not overall. There is plenty of evidence to show that residential treatment centers for children are effective. At the same time that have facilities with caring and qualified staff.

Today there are more than 50,000 children in residential treatment centers. The goal is to help them to make positive changes to their life now. Then they have a wonderful opportunity to create the life for themselves they want in the future. There is no reason to allow them to continue down a dangerous path of destruction. The longer the problems continue the more difficult it will be for them to live a happy life.

Is a Residential Treatment Center Necessary for a Child?

The thought of your child being removed from your home and placed into a facility isn’t one many parents are fond of. Yet it may prove to be the very environment they need in order to resolve their issues. The entire family is likely being affected by what is taking place with the child at this point in time.

Talk to your doctor and other professionals to find out what they recommend. They see children going into such facilities all the time. They also stay on top of what programs are available. An assessment done for your child can determine if such a place is where they will do the best in regards to their treatment options. These professionals can even recommend various residential treatment centers for you to explore.

How each of them is operated can vary significantly. Some of them have a very rigid structure to them that the children must follow. Others are more lenient due to the nature of the children’s problems being less intense. It is very important that you place your child into the type of residential treatment center that is right for their level of necessary care.

While you can turn to outpatient programs they often aren’t going to be nearly as effective as a residential program. Consider the time that your child needs to be out of the home an investment in his or her future. It is also in investment regarding the overall welfare of your entire family.

Are the Children Properly Supervised?

Your child won’t have free reign while in a residential treatment center. Some of them have staff that is awake and around them all night and all day. Others have staff on call at night and a watchman that will report if there are any incidents. Some parents worry that by placing their child in a facility with other troubled teens it can result in them coming out worse than when they went it.

The overall structure of the program is designed to offer each one of them individual counseling. Group counseling often does the opposite for them – rather than fighting they learn to trust each other and to really open up about what is going on.

There have been incidents of children being harmed or killed in these types of residential treatment centers. However, this scenario is one that affects an extremely small percentage of all of those that do receive such treatment. It is your responsibility as a parent to ask about the program and to find out what the ratio will be of staff to patients.

Ask Lots of Questions

Take your time to find the right residential treatment center for your child. It is a decision that should be made only after you have carefully reviewed all of the information. Ask lots of questions so that you are able to place them in a location that can best meet their needs. The changes that can occur with a quality program are absolutely remarkable.

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