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So you’re about to become a parent for the first time. It’s an exciting time and there are a few worries as you make plans to welcome the baby. Questions arise about how to do things, about your ability to be a good mother and about what role your husband and other family members will play.

One obvious issue is that of parenting classes. Should you go to one or more? If you do go, will they be of any help?

Well, the consensus is that the advantages of going to parenting classes far outweigh the disadvantages. Mind you it’s not a straightforward case for everyone. If you live out of town and transport is not too flash, finding the time and the money to get to a class may be difficult. And if the local classes are not free and you are struggling financially, then again going to class is not an easy decision.

Pros and Cons of Parenting Classes

But if you are fairly close to a parenting class and particularly if they are free – and most are – then, by all means, go along and boost your skills and your confidence.

One of the main benefits is in making new friends. You will meet other new moms and chances are they are experiencing the same sorts of things you are. They will have the same questions and concerns and knowing there are others in same boat as you is a confidence boost in itself.

Then there are skills to learn. How to change a diaper, feeding, bathing and sleep routines. All these issues are discussed and more. And it’s always good to know about things before they happen. What if your baby has trouble going to sleep or seems to be crying a lot? What may be the reason for these things and how can you tackle them?

Every new mom wants to be successful and have a happy and healthy baby. Parenting classes are designed to help you every step of the way.

One thing you may discover is that most family members have a tip or piece of advice. Grandmothers in particular may believe they know all about bringing up a baby – after all they brought up the parents of this new baby. And while it’s great to hear advice from others, sometimes that advice may be a little strange or even downright wrong.

The truth about giving birth and what is likely to happen in the days and weeks when you take your baby home are explained sensibly and accurately in your local parenting classes.

Now don’t forget your partner. If the parenting classes welcome fathers, make sure you invite the other parent along. Caring for baby is a team effort and changing diapers can be done just as easily and as expertly by a man as by a woman. At least that’s what you need to tell your husband who may try and avoid his parenting responsibilities!

Being pregnant is a busy and exciting time. Whatever else you do, take the time to attend parenting classes where you can relax and really make yourself the best mother you can be.

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