Different School Options for Your Troubled Teen

If your teen is troubled there are two things which are of great importance. First you want to help your teen overcome their troubles and second, you want them to continue their education and be successful.

Often the two things are linked. By going to an appropriate school, the troubled teen will continue their education while at the same time working towards removing their troubles. This makes the choice of school so important.

There are schools for troubled teens which are not boarding schools. The teen is a day pupil with a curriculum which includes the appropriate therapy sessions. But at the end of the school day the troubled teen returns home.  Now this situation may not work for all troubled teens and especially so for those with serious problems.

So that leaves a broad choice of three types of boarding school for troubled teens. These are the Christian, the Military and the Therapeutic boarding schools. Each will be considered and you, as the parent, should learn the differences in making your choice of educational institution.

A Christian boarding school is one in which the basics of the Christian faith form an integral part of the family operation of the school. They offer a sound academic program as well as excellent sporting facilities but also provide spiritual advice and counseling. If your teen is troubled, a strong moral program may be able to put him or her back on their feet. Mind you there are boarding schools which offer a similar morality teaching program but which are not labeled as Christian. It’s a matter for you to investigate.

A Military boarding school is not a choice if your teen has serious problems. In fact this type of boarding school will not accept a teen who does not want to be there or who has serious issues such as drug-taking. The major benefits of these schools, apart from their discipline, academic and sporting programs, is that they are an excellent preparation for any teen who wishes to consider the military as a future place of employment.

The emphasis on study with supervised after-hours homework sessions and the military discipline with uniforms and drills can do much to turn around the lazy and listless troubled teen.

A therapeutic boarding school is often the best choice for a troubled teen who has serious problems. Apart from the academic and sporting programs, the timetable includes structured therapy sessions both in a group and on a one-to-one basis. This means the specific problems faced by your teen are directly addressed. With specialists on staff to take these therapy sessions and classes, the fees for such a boarding school may well be higher than elsewhere. But it is the specific nature of the treatment which is important and if this is the best or the only way to help your troubled teen, then a therapeutic boarding school may be the answer.

It is important that you as a parent know about the options available. Your teen’s health, well-being and education are too important to send them anywhere. Choose the right type of boarding school and plan for the best possible outcome.

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