Christian Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

Troubled teens need help and many parents believe the best option is to enrol their child in a Christian boarding school. These schools can be pretty much like many other boarding schools except they include the teachings of the Christian faith as an integral part of their curriculum.

Let’s face it; teens today have any number of opportunities to find themselves in trouble. The ease with which we can travel and communicate with one another has never been so easy or so cheap. The availability of drugs and alcohol make temptation an even greater threat than once they were.

If your teen is in trouble or being tempted to mix with the wrong crowd, one positive possibility is to consider a Christian boarding school. If you think of the Ten Commandments and the strength of what they contain, you can see why many parents want their troubled teen in a school where such truths are a basis of the teaching program.

Now don’t go thinking that the faith aspect of the school overrides other matters. It doesn’t but rather underpins the teaching and associated activities.

The academic syllabus is defined and in many cases appropriate. Students are able to take subjects studied at a Christian boarding school as credits for transfer back to a regular high school or as part of an entrance to a college. The staff works as hard as any school to assist students to lift their grades and prepare for whatever vocation they wish to follow.

Being in a boarding school situation means your troubled teen is being cared for 24 hours a day. Their academic progress is closely monitored and they have supervised study periods after school.

Then there are the planned outdoor activities on offer. These vary from school to school but can include such things as horse-riding, hiking, sailing, climbing and other regular sports. The teens are never idle and their health and fitness can only improve.

Teaching of scripture is an important part of the Christian boarding school but residents are free to participate as they choose to do so. It’s important too that students share their experiences of learning and maturing with their fellow students. As the parents are like-minded in sending their teen to a Christian boarding-school it is common for fellow students to form strong friendships with their peers through the faith of their parents.

Self-esteem and self-confidence are often fostered through caring for animals. Troubled teens when given responsibility to care for animals on a daily basis, find a new reason for living and taking responsibility which can be reflected in their personal lives. The whole atmosphere of a Christian boarding school is one of nurturing and caring for the individual. Parents who may not have the strong faith of the staff and founders of the school would do well to evaluate the many benefits of placing their troubled teen in a Christian boarding school.

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