ADD ADHD Help: Treatment for Adults

As an adult sufferer there are proven ways in which treatment for your condition can be relieved. There is no known cure but the proper medication and therapy and support has been a wonderful help for many people and their families. It is possible to live well with ADHD.

As far as medication goes it is important to learn that your health professional may not prescribe any medication. It is sometimes best to treat ADHD in adults without medication. If you are prescribed medication, it will be monitored and the results noted. This may mean a variation in the dosage or even cessation of the drug altogether.

Stimulants are the most common type of medication prescribed for adults with ADHD as they improve the patient’s ability to pay attention and can reduce their impulsive behavior. Remember that the medication is designed to assist with the passing of messages within the brain.

Know too that you may be prescribed medications which could be either short or long-term in duration. Some drugs will work for a short time of say three or four hours whereas other medications can be released into the body over a longer period of up to twelve hours.

There is obviously a marked difference in treatment for adults than there is for children with ADHD. Adults can have heir condition fully explained and the suggested treatment likewise is discussed in full. Adults will be told that being given medication is important from two aspects.

One, the role of the medication is in controlling the condition and two, the adult is in charge of their medication and should be aware of possible side effects and abuse of the medication. With a child suffering ADD/ADHD, the child’s parent will have control of how much and when the child will take their medication.

With an adult sufferer they will self-administer their medication and must take every care to follow the instructions and consult their doctor should they feel any need to do so.

There are several options in the treatment and discussing these with your doctor is the best and only sensible thing to do. You will discover that ADHD symptoms are no respecter of place or time and that the adult sufferer may find that their condition appears at home, at work and at play. Knowing this fact is itself a help.

Your treatment can include attendance at support groups where other adults in your position are free to discuss their problems, treatments and results. Knowing you are not alone is helpful and being able to discuss your situation with fellow-sufferers can be of enormous benefit.

Adults with ADHD who are prescribed medication should be aware that the drug may impair their behavior in a slight but significant way. Operating hazardous equipment should never be undertaken and general care taken knowing that it is possible, however remotely, for the medication to become a drug of dependence.

The best news is that adults with ADHD do have a range of treatment options and that with the correct treatment their condition can be well and truly controlled.

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